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So, recently my two roommates and friends have moved in with me an brought along two of their dogs, one of them being this precious pit bull, Hank. A lot of people may think pits are mean and scary, but Hank is proof that that is totally wrong. Hank is so sweet, loving and silly. 
In the past couple weeks, Hank has been limping around the house, refusing to put weight on one of his front legs. This front leg has metal discs and screws in it because, as a puppy, he suffered a serious accident and he needed surgery to fix his leg. Now, something has gone wrong with those the discs in his leg and he needs yet another surgery.
My roommates are trying to reach out to get help with raising money for this surgery because its very expensive and can’t afford it. They’re doing everything they can do to keep their dog happy, healthy, and alive. 
So I’m reaching out to all of you for help as well. Anything and everything helps. Even if its just a little. And even by reblogging this to help spread the word, it would be MUCH appreciated! 
Help us help Hank!

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Smashbox Holiday 2011 collection launched

So I got an email from Smashbox about the Holiday collection coming out. I always loooove the Smashbox holiday palette and this year is no exception! When it gets to Ulta, I know what I’ll be using my points for! The palette is $49 (valued at over $250) and I have over 1000 points on my Ulta Beauty Club card, which gets me $9 off, so it’d be only $40. Not bad! Can’t wait for it to get into stores!

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So many new followers recently! I’m really glad you all like the blog!
I haven’t really been updating much lately, and I apologize for that. I’ve been incredibly busy with college (and because of college I’m incredibly broke so I can’t really buy and review all the things I’d like to). In the mean time, you all can check out my personal blog here, I update that a lot more.
If any of you have any questions for me I’d be glad to answer them! Or even suggestions or some things you’d like to see on here, feel free to let me know and I’ll do my best to do something for you!
Thank you all so much for following! I really appreciate it! You’re all beautiful!<3

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